My six months without a smartphone


A bright Sunday morning. As I walked out of the room into the balcony, the snowy white Alps greeted me. I took out my phone and clicked a picture of the view in front of me. I wanted to tell my girlfriend how amazing the last evening was. The call didn’t connect. My phone didn’t have a connectivity signal icon. I restarted the phone and tried again. The phone didn’t connect. I went back to my coffee in the hopes of a soon-to-be-connected moment.

I realised that my two-year contract with the network provider had expired that midnight.


The events from the night past and the moment now somehow connected the threads in my mind. This was a SIGN to switch off. Thus began my six months of life without a smartphone. Without my unlimited data package, unlimited calls/messaging and watsapp, my potential for unlimited consumption on the go, at my fingertips, I was disconnected.

Naveen Shams